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  • What's the value of managed service?
  • People often ask why they should utilize managed services rather than handling these functions internally. The simple answer is that managed services save you money. By freeing up your in-house staff to work on tasks relevant to your core competencies (and thus integral to profitability) you're able to better access the talent you have on staff. OpenGate's managed services allow you to do what you do best while we do what we do best. We handle the rest, now that is worry-free IT. For companies that do not have IT staff, OpenGate acts as their IT department.
  • What makes OpenGate different from other IT service providers?
  • We believe in face-to-face meetings because we value the personal relationships we build with our clients. As a result, we to listen versus talk, recommend versus just sell, customize versus standardize, and you save versus spend. Here at OpenGate, our clients are important to us, they don't just add to the bottom line.
  • How do I start the process to have OpenGate join our team?
  • Getting started with OpenGate Technologies is simple. Fill out the short form to schedule a complimentary consultation/assessment. We will have one of our account managers reach out to you to assess your situation, understand your pain points, and when appropriate, meet with you face-to-face to begin to understand your specific business technology needs.
  • How much does it cost for WiseCare or managed services
  • Unfortunately, we do not offer a set price for the services as the needs of every business are different. Upon reviewing your needs, we will quote you with a specific price tailored to your business needs, we are affordable.
  • Is there regional or national support available?
  • Yes, we can work nationwide to provide support as you need it. We also partner with others from across the nation if you are in need of "on-site" assistance.
  • Do you ensure that our network is constantly updated and configured?
  • Yes, if OpenGate is hired to manage your IT needs, we will monitor and ensure that everything is working just as you need it to. We'll even handle routine maintenance.
  • When should and how can I call for assistance?
  • Anytime between 8-5 M-F if you are having most computer problems (depending on your contract).
    Tel: 580.223.1199
  • What happens if my computer fails?
  • In the event of a complete system failure, we will have an engineer retrieve your system and bring it back to our facility where it will be restored and delivered back to you. This is not typically included in your contract.
  • Is there a charge for calling in a ticket?
  • There is no charge for calling in a ticket and all remote Support is free with your contract, however should the issue be dire enough to warrant a tech dispatched there is an hourly fee.
  • How long will you store my data?
  • Our software stores 5 versions of protected files, that means that infrequently accessed files may be backed up for years. However, nothing is stored for less than 90 days.
  • Can your technicians see my screen without my knowledge?
  • Our software was specifically designed with your privacy in mind, whenever our engineers remotely connect to your machine you will be alerted by a pop-up in the lower right half of your screen. You can also request an access audit from OpenGate at any time.
  • How do I change my ext. number or recorded menu options?
  • Simply contact our service department and a member of our Telephony Staff will walk you through the entire process, this service is included with your contract.
  • How often are our machines backed up?
  • This depends on your initials instructions, however by default most machines are backed up (differentially) every 2 hours. This default configuration includes all personal files in your user subdirectories..
  • My phone quality is intermittently poor.
  • This is most likely problem with your internet connection, please get in contact with the service department so we can look at possible solutions.
  • How can I recover lost or accidently deleted data?
  • Call our service desk and request a ticket for your data, we can then immediately restore your files.