Cutting Edge Telecommunication Systems to Keep Business Running.

With traditional PBX systems, you are missing an opportunity to improve your communication capabilities and cut your maintenance cost. Our world class VoIP phone systems and support provides you with WiseVoice telecommunications service, reliability and advanced technology. These systems can scale and grow with your business at half the price of most of your current telephony arrangements. Another outstanding advantage of partnering with OpenGate is that we also provide you with alternatives to your current phone line cost.

IP telephony solutions provide a scalable, flexible platform that gives employees access to voice, mobility, and conferencing capabilities to unlock new levels of collaboration. OpenGate Technologies can create solutions for 10 to 100 users while simplifying the support of communication needs for your IT staff... There's the Voice of the Wise or the voice of an old phone system.

Savings up to 75%*

*The average savings businesses see after switching to VoIP range between 50% to 75%.

While the amount of savings can vary greatly by case, 99.99% of customers see a reduction in their phone expenses. - Source: Telzio, 2016


Frequently we save our clients enough money to upgrade from their old phone systems to state-of-the-art VoIP.



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OpenGate Technologies has expanded our onsite service options tailored to meet the technological demands of today's office environment.

OpenGate's services include:
  • VoIP Solutions
  • Printer, Fax & Copier Repair
  • Computer Repair / Virus & Malware Removal
  • Network Configuration/Maintenance & Security
  • Microsoft Configuration & Installation
  • Data Recovery / Cloud Solutions

Whether you need someone to assist in person or remotely, OpenGate Technologies has you covered. If you have a question about your network printer or copier, our help desk provides you with useful resources and tips tailored to specific device models. For all other customer technical support related issues visit our FAQ/SUPPORT page.


Functioning computers and technology are essential to your employees' success. At OpenGate we ensure your business runs smoothly by providing your team with all of the necessary tools they need to optimally perform their jobs. We provide the service and support necessary to keep you business running. 24/7 Management of your IT Infrastructure.

  • Support for All Computer Technology within Your Business Network
  • 24/7 Remote IT monitoring
  • Prompt Cloud Server Support

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